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TectonicPlates 3.0 Premium - 32kg - 1kg increments

TectonicPlates 3.0 Premium - 32kg - 1kg increments

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High Quality Cradle

Polished steel plates

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TectonicPlates 3.0 Premium - 32kg - 1kg increments

Our newest model - complete redesign from the ground up!

Unparalleled construction quality, engineering precision, and beauty.

– Weight increments go up by 1kg (2lbs) per increment!

– Available in a maximum weight of 32kg

– Comes with beautiful polished steel plates

– New, much improved, significantly stronger internal mechanism design

– Arguably the most beautiful adjustable dumbbell available today

– No bulky “skeleton” attached to the handle like Bowflex and other brands

– Premium quality construction, maximum duty polished steel plates with anti-roll base

– Handle locks out completely when dumbbell removed from cradle, very safe and reliable

– Comes with high quality cradle

– Comes with a 1-year warranty

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Rastin
Elegant and functional

We use the dumbbells in our home gym. These are a big improvement over the prior weights as they are only as wide as the highest weight used. The controls are elegant, and the weights are beautiful. A great addition to our workout.