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Not very happy, poor customer service.

The makeup of these dumbbells looks excellent, but upon delivery when I opened the box and lifted out the dumbbell, the box fell over dumping all of the plates on the ground. Several of the plastic connectors on the plates are now broken and my dumbbells unusable. I later found a warning in the BOTTOM of the box that stated that everything wasn’t connected and to be careful unpacking. I emailed the company, not even asking for free replacement parts but willing to buy them, with no response. I called RSF and left a voicemail about it, again with no response. The stand also showed up and the poor packaging caused the pieces to rub together during shipping and scratch each other. I would have overlooked the stand issue but the lack of response from customer service is frustrating me. As of right now I wouldn’t not purchase anything else from RSF and do not reccomend this company.


I had been looking at adjustable dumbbells and love my Tectonic Plates 1.0 - 32 kg.
There was an issue with one of my handles which I notified customer service about. Without hesitation Ayah and the customer service team sent me out a replacement handle.
These dumbbells are a great deal when compared to Bowflex and other brands.
It is also great to support a Canadian supplier.
I would totally recommend this product!!

The best adjustable dumbbells, hands down!!!

Hey everyone, these are the best adjustable dumbbells you will find anywhere and the best price to!! I've searched for a pair of adjustable dumbbells for a while that look, feel, and work good. RSF Tectonic plates tops the list by far. When you drop down to a lightweight they are not bulky, they shrink down according to the weight.

They're nice and square and flat, super comfortable when you place them on your thighs. These dumbbells are less money than the competition and way way better. I waited to give a review because I wanted to see if they were durable and would continue to function smoothly, and I'm very happy with them!

Thanks for making a good dumbbell that guys can appreciate!!

The best investment I had done in the pandemic.

Purchased 2 RSF adiustable dumbbells and Bench.

The dumbbells are of excellent quality and value for money. The bench is of good quality too. The team was very helpful in coordinating with the delivery schedule. I highly recommend to go for these products.

Thank you once again Rock Solid Fitness team.

Worth the investment!

The adjustable dumbbells are very well made. They click and adjust smoothly and with ease, and I chose them because when you are using lower settings of weight, you don't have to lift an entire exoskeleton like other brands. They are a Canadian brand, and worth the investment.

Love the Products

Love, love, love the click adjustable barbell!

The plates double as hand weights. They are exactly like the ones they use for the les mills body pump classes! Thanks guys!

Best adjustable dumbbells

Didn't have to use them much as the gyms are open in my province, after surching and viewing adjustable dumbbells, they are extremely well build and easy to change weight level, just have to turn the handle one way to increase weight and oder way to decrease it.
The built quality of the Tectonic plate x stand is pure metal in a angle for easy pickup and easy to put them back.

The adjustable dumbbells replace 10 set of dumbbells.
Imagine 10 set of dumbbells the place it would take.

The Rock Solid adjustable dumbbells are a space saver and the closest thing you will find to a real dumbbells compare to its competitors.

It took a long time to have them due to covid-19 export restrictions but there Customer service was fast and excellent communication.
Highly recommended.

Great home gym addition

Really happy with this purchase.

They feel solid and they're the exactly what I needed for heavier workouts at home. Slight rattle when doing explosive movements like curls or press work but nothing deal breaking.

Good adjustable dumbbells!

Delivery was fast. Had an issue with one of the dumbbell handles and the seller was quick to fix the issue.

Rock Solid Fitness Canada
Dustin MacAhonic
Outstanding Products!

Hey there, just wanted to thank you guys for these dumbbells, they have got to be the best adjustable dumbbells on the market.

I bet you guys will really get big having those bad boys! Also thank you for the transparency and the quick replies, I get nervous ordering products from new companies, so you guys did great. Looking forward to my next purchase with you guys. All the best wishes and take care!